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The mission of Reshape is to strengthen communities by developing leaders through unique and fun learning environments that address the skills and character essential to successful leadership. We use sports and experiential learning to encourage participants to explore new ideas, develop values and grow in their self-discovery. Our core values are Integrity, Passion, Service, Teamwork, and Excellence.

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our goals

1. Equip the next generation of leaders with the skills and character necessary for successful leadership and community change.

2. Assist athletes to reach their potential by developing them tactically, socially, physically and in character.  

2. Build leaders through schools of leadership who will serve their communities.

3. Generate local resources through a sustainable business plan that will help support other community development initiatives and can be used as a model across the Arab world.

reshape soccer academy

Reshape Soccer Academy began in the summer of 2016 with 50 girls and has since grown to over 200 athletes age 8-18. The academy was started as an alternative to the corrupt sports model of academies solely for profit, run by unqualified coaches, and where athletes are motivated through fear and punishment. In contrast, during each practice coaches share values lessons with the athletes and have practical applications for on the field and in life. Parents regularly share with us the difference they see in their children; offering to help around the house for the first time, speaking to them differently, and overall positive changes in their behavior.

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Character and Leadership Events

Character and Leadership Events are held in schools, businesses and in partnership with NGO’s and use the experiential learning model that acts as a mirror to help facilitate self-discovery and then guided reflection for addressing surfaced needs. In the past three years Reshape has worked with thousands of school children on topics such as teamwork, inclusivity, and respect. 

Reshape also works with the Syrian refugee community in Egypt to address the issues of sexual and gender based violence by teaching on topics such as real manhood, boundaries, respect, hope and speaking up against violence.    

Your gift will help rent fields and purchase equipment for Reshape Soccer Academy and the character development initiatives allowing Reshape to reach more people.    

Reshape also accepts equipment donations of soccer balls, portable goals, goalie gloves, and other sports equipment. Please contact for more information. 

Your gift to Reshape’s operations will allow us to retain key staff members and their families, ensuring their ability to continue building Reshape full time and invest their best hours into the development of future leaders.