People of influence like Nelson Mandela believe in the power of sport, and so do we! Academic research has proven that sport has the power to make a positive impact in communities and individual lives. There are many ways to address societal challenges, but sport has a unique ability to cross barriers, bring people together, and teach important lessons. We rely on the academic research of many institutions to shape our curriculum, mission, ethos, objectives, programming & projects. Here is a sample of this research for you to read.



UN report on Sport and Persons With Disabilities

Developing Country Participation in International Disability Sport Competition

Women & Girls

UNESCO report on Empowering Girls and Women Through Sport

Women's Sports Foundation Research


UN report on Sport and Health


UN Introduction to Sport for Development and Peace

UN report on Sport and Peace


Sport in Developing Countries

Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation

International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences - Sport and Muslim Women